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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Trial Deck V9- Shinemon Nitta



Featuring a Trial Deck for «Genesis» used by the new protagonist, "Shinemon Nitta"!!

The clan type is "Force"!

Introducing the very first Grade 5 unit in the history of Vanguard! Not to mention the new ability to call that unit, "Astral Plane"!

4 "Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion" included! Experience "Astral Plane" with just 1 Trial Deck!

1 each of "Gleaming Lord, Uranus", "Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion", and "Prometheus of Dancing Lights"" together with a random card will come with RRR treatment.

(1 out of the remaining 13 types excluding "Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada")

All reissue cards featured in the infosheet!

A "Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion" with special treatment will be randomly included as well! Strengthen this deck with cards from Booster Pack Vol. 07 "Infinideity Cradle"

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