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Full Throttle: Stories (Hardcover)

Hill, Joe



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Master of thrillers Joe Hill brings forth a collection of short supernatural shockers including "In the Tall Grass", basis for a Netflix film and one of two stories cowritten by Stephen King.  Dinosaurs, motorcycles and bookmobiles all take on frightening new edges in Hill's hands, and will leave you itching for more.

"In his new collection of short stories, Joe Hill shows how insanely good he is at shocking, terrible, whoa, cover-your-mouth-and-gasp endings . . . . Seamless and finely crafted work."
- New York Times Book Review

"Hill's latest collection of short stories is compulsively readable. Thirteen stories weave in and out of gritty realism, whimsical folklore, and futuristic sf, flowing from one to the next in a fast-paced journey through the surreal. Hill fills each story with shocking plot twists, excellent worldbuilding, and satisfying kismet."
- Library Journal

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