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Meeple Party Board Game



MEEPLE PARTY is a co-operative board game of puzzle-solving strategy and party throwing insanity for 1-5 people! You and your roommates are throwing a house party, in a completely modular house. Take turns welcoming and mingling meeple guests to create photo worthy
situations. Each time you snap a photo, you are one step closer to winning! Lets get this party started! Each meeple has a unique personality - the wallflower, the cool, the flirt, the jerk, and the party animal. Each personality has a different effect when they enter a room or join the party! Just like a real party, you cant control everything! Disasters loom! Surprise guests show up! Anything could happen! Roommates take stress to avoid disaster, or to get everyone out of a bad situation. If the roommates stress out, the partys over and WE ALL LOSE together! Have fun and work together to make tonight the BEST PARTY EVER!

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