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Tesla Vs. Edison: The Duel



Build an Empire. Vie for victory by controlling two of the three available regions: New England, New York, and Out West.

Recruit Heroes of Engineering, Business, and Popular Culture. Some of the most well-known historical figures from the actual War of Currents join your company and play key roles in your quest for glory. J.P. Morgan, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and others bring deeper thematic immersion and a wide range of special abilities.

3 Region Cards
16 Inventor Cards (8 English, 8 Multilingual)
24 Assistant Cards
24 City Cards
40 Stock Shares (5 per Company)
3 “No AC/DC” Chips
3 Technology Chips
Yellow PR Marker (AC)
Blue PR Marker (DC)
PR Track
Sticker Sheet
2 Quick Reference Cards
Rule Book

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