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Level Up Loot Box #1



Level up your games with this promo box filled with goodies! Each box is a special thank you to our wonderful Renegade fans that support friendly local game stores!

Receive up to 10 free gifts with each purchase of $350 or more of Renegade games. Orders must be for in-stock product. Qualifying orders must be on one PO and equal a total of $350 or more. Contact your ACD Sales Rep to add the free copy to your order. You may purchase additional loot boxes. 

If you do not wish to place an order of $350 or more and receive 10 free boxes, you can purchase any number of individual Loot boxes. These are for sale only in physical stores. These may not be sold online. 

This is a Limited release. While supplies last!

Clank! A Deck-building Adventure Promo Sea Dragon Meeple
Clank! A Deck-building Adventure Promo Card
Altiplano Promo Pack –9 Cards
Gunkimono Promo Tile Set –5 Tiles
The Tea Dragon Society Promo Meeple
Reykholt Promo Tile Set –6 Tiles
FUSE Promo Pack –4 Cards
Lotus Promo Set –4 Tiles
Rules Sheet

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