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Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - Core Set


Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - Core Set
Enter a new era of interstellar combat with X-Wing Second Edition! Refining the core formulas that made the First Edition a bestseller, X-wing Second Edition invites you to enter the Star Wars galaxy as ace pilots leading starfighter squadrons into fast-paced, high-stakes dogfights with iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. This edition emphasizes the visceral thrill of flying starships while introducing Force powers into the game, allowing Force-sensitive pilots to push themselves-and their ships-to the limits of their capabilities. Meanwhile, a companion app tracks all ships, pilots, and upgrades, making building your squadron easier than ever before. Stores who pre-order FFG SWZ01 may also pre-order an equal number of FFG PRM20PR, while supplies lasts. Pre-order promotion: stores who buy the X-Wing Launch Package which is 12 copies of FFG SWZ01, 12 copies of FFG SWZ05, 6 copies of FFG SWZ06, 6 copies of FFG SWZ07, 6 copies of FFG SWZ08, 12 copies of FFG SWZ09, 12 copies of FFG SWZ10, and 12 copies of FFG SWZ11 are eligible for 1 FFG SWZP-001PR, 1 FFG SWZP-002PR, 1 FFG SWZP-003PR, 1 FFG SWZP-004PR, 1 FFG SWZP-005PR, 1 FFG SWZP-006PR, 5 FFG SWZP-007PR, and 2 FFG SWZP-008PR. Limit one per store on FFG SWZP-001PR through FFG SWZP-005PR. Each additional purchase of the X-Wing Launch Package is eligible for 1 FFG SWZP-006PR, 5 FFG SWZP-007PR, and 2 FFG SWZP-008PR. Offers good while supplies last. For flagship stores only.
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