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Primetime Adventures A Game of Television Drama 3rd Edition


Ever wonder what would have happened if you were in charge of a TV show you watch? 

Would those two have gotten together after all? 
Would he have finally reconciled with his mother? 
Would there have been fewer vampires? More wicked professors? 

With Primetime Adventures, that’s all up to you! 

Create a cast of characters, figure out what makes them tick, and put them in dramatic situations. 

Things won’t always go the way you want. Will the characters prove their loyalty? Will they stay out of trouble? Will they remain friends? Play cards to find out what happens when things on your show get complicated. 

This is the 3rd edition.
Product Code DED3
Weight 0.60 lbs
Creators Matt Wilson
Format 7x9" 118 page softcover book
ISBN 9780692356869
SKU: 9780692356869

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