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Arkham Horror LCG Black Stars Rise Mythos Pack



Your investigations have led you far from that fateful first showing of The King in Yellow at the Ward Theatre in Arkham. When you no longer can find the answers you need in Arkham, you voyage across the Atlantic to France and enter the catacombs of the dead beneath Paris. Now, you travel to the island commune of Mont Saint-Michel, as brooding, dark clouds cover the sky. A storm is coming - and it`s unclear if our world will survive! In Black Stars Rise, the fifth Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa Cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, player cards arrive with palliative names like `Stick to the Plan,` `Narrow Escape,` or `Ward of Protection.` Their names are a lie, dripping with false comfort that only the truly mad will embrace. The darkling spires of Carcosa are breaching the walls between dimensions and Hastur will rule over all... The Black Stars are Rising! There is no escape. You are doomed!

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