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High Space Core Setting Book Savage Worlds



High-Space: Wildcards Protecting the Future is the highly-anticipated sequel to the bestselling Australian Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, now available in print for the first time! An ultra high-tech civilization...a utopia of harmony and boundless abundance, encompassing hundreds of species and worlds. But, all is not as it seems. Strange forces are assailing the galaxy-spanning PanDominion from all sides! In High-Space, players take on the roles of Wildcards - genetic throw-backs and outcasts who crave adventure and violence. It`s up to these Wildcards - and the secretive agencies and minds that operate outside of the law - to do whatever it takes to keep the PanDominion safe. Equal parts darkly humorous, intelligent, and explosive, High-Space includes dozens of alien races, rules for cybertech and bioengineering, psi powers and ultra-tech gear, and unique starship construction and space fighting rules, all packaged in a rich and complex setting.

SKU: 9780994223104

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