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13th Age Gods and Icons - Player's Companion



28 New Gods: arranged in three pantheons: Bright Gods, Thirsty Gods, and Old Gods. 

Wheel Caster: a new druid talent focused on spell casting with new spells which have a connection to the Old Gods. 

Bright Bubble: a new paladin talent focused on protection for followers of the Bright Gods. 

Reknarite Knight: a new paladin talent focused on combat for followers of the Thirsty Gods. 

Way of the Wheel: a new ranger talent giving access to some of the power of a Wheel Caster druid. 

Player Options for Icon Relationship Rolls: advice for players on how to spend their 5s and 6s they roll on their icon relationship rolls. 

Eight New Races: new playable races with racial powers and feats. 

And more! 

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