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Evolved [McKay, Matthew G.]

McKay, Matthew G.



In a futuristic society where silicon-based and organic life forms commingle seamlessly, society's government has been scientifically managing evolution to produce individuals with extraordinary cerebral prowess. The government's ultimate goal is to use these "evolved" subjects' super-brains to find a way to survive the impending, apocalyptic depletion of available energy sources. When the project's last successful subject - unwitting, fourteen year-old Amos Hare -- is birthed to join the mission, he uncovers a corrupt government seeking immortality for its own members at the price of destroying all other life forms. Through a friendship with his emotional handler, Sarah, assigned to help him acclimate to life on the ship, Amos also discovers the bonds of human love. As a tense struggle erupts between good and evil, silicon and flesh, Amos and Sarah must choose between physical salvation and spiritual depth -- abandoned by humanity long ago.

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