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Polaris RPG Location Map Folio



The world has changed. The surface no longer exists. The only way out now is farther into the Deep. But how does life look like deep in the oceans?

The Location Map Folio for the Polaris RPG details 16 different locations of the setting. Designed by French artist Dorian Collet, the Polaris RPG Location Map Folio provides 16 fullcolor maps to enhance your campaigns. Each sheet presents a different location, with helpful labels on the front to let you quickly identify each place within the location. Flip the map to its backside and you get the same location but without any labels for use in play!

The Location Map Folio details iconic locations such as: 
• Isolated Station 
• Combat Arena 
• Bar 
• Network of Infested Tunnels 
• Unknown Ship Wreck 
• And many more…

These sample locations are useful for Game Masters to base their campaigns around or to quickly integrate new locations into existing stories. Add more depth to your Polaris RPG adventures!

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