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Tragedy Looper



Tragedy Looper, a time-loop deduction board game. A Mastermind will unfold a mystery while the Protagonists try to figure out what is going on. As a Protagonist, your goal is to break out of the time loop maze and create a happy future. But you don’t know who is who, what is what, and you don’t even know how to win! However, you have the ability to travel back in time so you can replay the same script multiple times! As a Mastermind, your goal is to trigger tragedies and feast your eyes upon the misery of your opponents. You have all the information, but you have to win every single loop. And when the Protagonists lose, the taste of victory is so much sweeter! 

In the Box: 
• 5 game boards 
• 1 Leader card 
• 4 Extra card 
• 34 Action cards 
• 20 Script cards 
• 118 counters 
• 4 Summary sheets 
• 1 Player's handbook 
• 1 Mastermind's handbook 

Play Time: 120min, 2-4 players, Ages 13 and up.

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