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Space Alert The New Frontier



This is an expansion. Base game required to play.

The New Frontier contains several new expansions for Space Alert. These can be used individually or in combination to provide variety, challenge, and new modes of play.

• New Threats: Looking for foes with new powers? These threats phase in and out of reality, hide behind megashields, or fry your crew with plasma weapons. 
• Red Threats: Looking for more danger? The red threats include colossally large ships, cunning intruders, and all manner of dirty tricks. 
• Double Actions: Have you mastered the art of efficient planning? Double action cards allow you two actions per turn. And you will need those extra actions if you fly the missions on the new CD. 
• Specializations: How would you like to launch two rockets at once? Or keep an injured crewmate conscious? Or repair damage to your ship in flight? Specializations give your crew more ways to heroically save the ship. 
• Experience System: Would you like to track your space exploration career? The experience system allows you to record your greatest feats, while rewarding you with new skills. 

Players: 1-5, Ages: 13+, Playtime: 30 minutes

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