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Midnight Taxi Tango (Bone Street Rumba, 2) [Older, Daniel Jose]

Older, Daniel Jose



The streets of New York are hungry tonight...Carlos Delacruz straddles the line between the living and the not-so alive. As an agent for the Council of the Dead, he eliminates New York's ghostlier problems. This time it's a string of gruesome paranormal accidents in Brooklyn's Von King Park that has already taken the lives of several locals--and is bound to take more.


The incidents in the park have put Kia on edge. When she first met Carlos, he was the weird guy who came to Baba Eddie's botanica, where she worked. But the closer they've gotten, the more she's seeing the world from Carlos's point of view. In fact, she's starting to see ghosts. And the situation is far more sinister than that--because whatever is bringing out the dead, it's only just getting started.


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