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Battle Hill Bolero: A Bone Street Rumba Novel [Older, Daniel Jose]

Older, Daniel Jose



Third in the “richly detailed and diverse” (io9) urban fantasy series about a half-alive, half-dead Brooklynite.

Trouble is brewing between the Council of the Dead and the supernatural community they claim to represent. One too many shady deals have gone down in New York City’s streets, and those caught in the crossfire have had enough. It’s time for the Council to be brought down for good.

Carlos Delacruz is used to being caught in the middle of things; both as an inbetweener, trapped somewhere between life and death, and as a double agent for the Council. But as his friends begin preparing for an unnatural war against the ghouls in charge, he realizes that more is on the line than ever before—not only for the people he cares about, but for every single soul in Brooklyn, alive or otherwise…

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