Pandemonium Code of Conduct

Welcome to Pandemonium! We strive to provide a positive gaming environment that is welcoming and friendly for all types of players. We ask that our community members observe the following rules of conduct while in the store:

1) Treat staff and other customers with respect.

  — DON’T make offensive or unwelcome comments about a person’s race, gender, appearance, ability, or any other aspects of their identity.

  — DON’T initiate physical contact without consent.

  — DON’T make sexual or romantic advances toward store or event staff, players participating in tournaments, or anyone else who isn’t freely able to say “no.”

  — DON’T engage in any other forms of harassment.

  — DO give people space or leave them alone if they ask you to.

  — DO speak up or ask a staff member for help if someone is behaving inappropriately.

2) Obey directions from staff.

  — Our staff work hard to keep everything running smoothly. We will give you directions for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: fire safety, smooth flow of events or of the checkout, safety of other customers, and closing time.

   — If you are looking for a table to play games, be aware of the events calendar for the day and be prepared to move when asked. We welcome casual play, but we do give priority to our scheduled events. Our event space is full most evenings and most of the weekend.

  — DON’T try to get away with behavior that borders on breaking the rules.

3) Keep it clean.

  — Keep your language family-appropriate. This means don’t curse, even if you don’t see children in the store.

  — Shower and put on clean clothes before you come to gaming events.

  — Also keep in mind Rule 1.

4) Don’t buy or sell cards or other gaming materials to customers.

  — You may trade cards or Pandemonium gift certificates, but anything involving actual money that happens IN the store needs to go THROUGH the store.

  — The only exception: you are allowed to pay back your friend when they buy you food.

If you break any of these rules, we will generally give you a warning first; if the behavior is repeated, we will ask you to leave. We reserve the right to expel anyone without a prior warning in serious cases. If you are asked to leave the store, you are expected to communicate with a manager about the situation and receive their written approval before you return.

If you have questions about these rules or any other store policies, please contact:

Jamie, Events Manager:
Tyler, Store Owner:

Thank you.


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