John Beresford -

If you want to order a game, tell us why we should carry some particularly awesome game, ask advice on books or games, or be trolled (in person only; Internet trolling has a different union), John is your go-to guy.

Class: Games Manager, Level 19, Historian, Level 7, Race: Store Troll

Educated at Boston Latin School, UMass Boston, University College of Wales - Aberystwyth, and Cambridge University (Jesus College), specializing in medieval commercial history

Hobbies: reading, playing games, (Magic, board games, RPGs and the like), watching the sports he is no longer in good enough shape to play, and trying to eat two out of every three billy goats he meets

John used to work as a game developer for a small independent game producer (Veritas Games Company, LLC) as well as a bookstore manager. In fact, he is the former books department manager right here at Pandemonium.

He currently dwells in a two-bedroom lair in Charlestown while awaiting the renovation of the bridge he normally hangs his hat under.

When not working, he can sometimes be found playing games at Pandemonium Books & Games.

Eddie Borges -

Eddie manages all things having to do with our Magic The Gathering card inventory. If you have a collection to sell, specific cards you are looking for, or any magic card related questions, please feel free to email him or call the store.  He is not in the store Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Jasper Ryden -

Jasper is the Outreach Manager, and is in charge of coordinating events that take place outside Pandemonium.  Among other things this includes going to Somerville Public Schools to teach kids how to play board games and D&D as part of the SPS's afterschool enrichment program.

Tyler Stewart -

Tyler Stewart is the owner and founder of Pandemonium Books and Games. Tyler holds a bachelor's degree from Tufts and a Master's degree in business from Boston College. He's really tall. He's married to his fantastic, lovely and intelligent wife Karyn who actually runs the show (and is the webmaster of this site). He reads a lot. He doesn't game nearly often enough.

...And the rest of the cast

There are several more employees, but the above are the managers. You may also meet many of our other staff:

  • Bitty thought she read a lot until she started working with John.
  • Karyn is the wife of the owner of the store, the webmaster, and the designer of the fliers and other marketing materials for the store.
  • Kin
  • Natalie
  • Valerie

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