About Magic League

Magic League is a casual event series that runs in seasons of about 4 weeks. It's a great way for new or experienced players to meet other Magic players and play all month for an affordable price. And all League participants get special prizes at the end of the month!

A $15 League Kit gives you the 3 booster packs you need to get started, information about how to play, including any special rules for the current season, and some other goodies. You can play league games anywhere, any time, but every Sunday is League Day—you'll be sure to find opponents to challenge at Pandemonium. Check in with staff and report your games from the week to earn progress toward special rewards at the end of the League. There's no additional cost required to play in League Day or get rewards; you just need your League Kit.

After League Day ends, a new week of the League begins, and everyone gets the option to buy another booster pack and add it to their card pool. If you join the League late, don't worry; you can buy the packs from weeks you missed right away.

Achievements and Rewards

What makes Pandemonium's version of Magic League unique? Primarily, it's our achievement system. League members get a list of goals to complete in play and in deckbuilding, with more achievements added as the season goes on. At the end of the season, one of the prizes you earn is based on the number of achievements you completed. We also have prizes based on how many games you won, player nominations for most spirited, creative, etc., and other categories.

All this means that you can play League the way you want: make the best deck you can and try to crush everyone else, rebuild your deck every day to work on different goals, or do whatever else is most fun for you! Everyone gets rewarded at the Season Finale ceremony.

Keep Up With Magic League on Facebook

League announcements are posted to our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/group.... You can also use the group to arrange times to meet up with other League members and play.


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