Book Review: Rosewater

After an alien presence appears in different parts of the world, it settles in Nigeria, hidden inside a dome. A city—Rosewater—grows up around this dome, creating a mix of the curious, the nefarious, the sick looking to be cured, and the regular people who move somewhere new in hopes of getting ahead.

With the alien comes the xenosphere. Certain humans are able to access the xenosphere, which gives them psychic abilities.

Kaaro is a finder—the xenosphere enables him to find almost anything or anyone. In the past, he used his power as a thief. In the present, he and his ability are used by a government agency to interrogate suspects.

Just as Kaaro is falling for a woman and flirting with happiness, he learns that other people with special abilities have been turning up dead. Will he be next?

Rosewater by Tade Thompson is an excellent combination of alien mystery, political manipulation, and human nature.


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