How do you write a story about Lois Lane that includes Superman but is not dwarfed by Superman?

Gwenda Bond deftly walks this line in Fallout and its sequels, Double Down and Triple Threat.

We are introduced to Lois when she first moves to Metropolis. After a childhood of being moved around as an army brat, teenage Lois is looking forward to settling down, staying out of trouble, and trying to make friends. But Lois is Lois, and of course she can’t watch someone being harassed without wanting to help—and promptly becoming embroiled in a story that puts her on the wrong side of the principal and her parents.

As she unravels the mystery and uncovers a mad scientist, she finds herself having made friends after all. But the one mystery she has been unable to get to the heart of is the identity of her online friend, SmallvilleGuy.

By bringing the story of Lois and Clark into the Internet age, Clark is able to be a regular presence in these stories, providing help and support from afar without being the hero who sweeps in to save the day. The story is firmly Lois’s, but the partnership is there.

I have really enjoyed the series so far. It’s been a while since I’ve read such a refreshing YA world.


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