Bonus Gift Recommendations

Doug had so many recommendations this year that he's sharing a bonus list!

Clank! and Clank! In! Space!

I always love deck-building games, but there’s now so many of them that they all seem to blend together. Clank! and its new sequel Clank! In! Space! are both great games that take the core mechanics from the genre and add in a fun treasure-hunting component filled with risks and perils.

Owl and the Japanese Circus

If you enjoy the Indiana Jones, Uncharted, or Tomb Raider series, you will enjoy the snark-filled adventures of Owl as she steals magical artifacts in a world filled with supernatural friends and foes. Each book is a funny, fast-paced adventure, and you’ll absolutely enjoy the down-to-earth Owl living moment to moment in a crazy world.

Company of Iron

I really love the Warmachine world, and I love skirmish-sized games that I can play on my kitchen table. Company of Iron is a fun skirmish game in which the rules are available for free and you can build your company from a large cross-section of the Warmachine and Hordes miniatures lines. It’s a great way to get into miniatures gaming or to find a new way to use the miniatures you already have.

Snake Oil

What’s the fourth biggest problem serious board gamers have? Not having enough great party games for their not-as-serious board gaming friends to play with them, of course!

Snake Oil is a great party game in the genre of Cards Against Humanity in which players are given turns to both judge and to pitch what is the best wacky new product for that niche, untapped market.


Magic has been a serious game for far too long. As luck would have it though, Magic just got the hot fix it needed in Unstable with a fun joke set full of clever combos, side quests, and really epic punches.

By gnome means should you take my word for it, but this definitely has my stamp of approval. Also, let’s take a time out and admire those gorgeous new full-art lands.


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