Too Like the Lightning

Too Like the Lightning, by Ada Palmer, is a fascinating futuristic tale, told through language culled from the past. It works to normalize gender-neutral pronouns (specifically "they") in dialogue, but also plays around with the gendered stereotypes inherent in our common, heavily gendered pronouns of "he/his/him" and "she/her/hers." This novel tells a fascinating tale of politics in a world without borders, where the way we live and interact with each other has shifted—but perhaps not as much as we may think. After all, a few hundred years is not enough to completely destroy nationalism and rewrite loyalties and enmities.

I leave you with a portion from page 27, where I fell wholly in love with Too Like the Lightning: "Would that 'he' and 'she' and their electric power were unknown in my day. Alas, it is from these very words that the transformation came which I am commanded to describe, so I must use them to describe it. I am sorry, reader. I cannot offer wine without the poison of the alcohol within."


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