Come to Dust

A horror novel with a somewhat atypical zombie trope that works beautifully because of the juxtaposition of a strong, loving, and very real-feeling blended family
In Come to Dust, Bracken MacLeod doesn't just go for the cheap tugging of a few heartstrings of childhood sentimentality, hoping you will care about the girl because, after all, a child is in danger! No, Bracken instead shows you a family—not a cardboard cut-out of a family—but one you really connect with and feel empathy and fear for. At least I did. In recent years, I have become a tough sell on the zombie novel front. I am just a bit jaded after the last 20 years of nigh infinite zombie-apocalypse books, movies, games, and comics, but these zombies work for me. I don't want to give away any spoilers, so that is all I will say. I was lucky enough to grab one of the limited editions of Come to Dust a few months back, and I loved it.
The trade edition drops this month with what I feel is a much improved cover over the limited edition. I would also recommend Bracken's recent short story collection from Chizine Press, 13 Views of the Suicide Woods. It is a solid collection and contains some real gems.


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