In the Recoletta trilogy by Carrie Patel, society is living in underground cities after a calamitous catastrophe.

The first book is part murder mystery and part political intrigue, while a fight over access to a mysterious pre-catastrophe library ensues. In the second book, we move aboveground and learn more about the relationship between the buried cities and the farming communities as a backdrop for revolution. In the final book, we leave the buried cities and all-out class warfare behind and travel overseas in a race to a vault—and an explanation of the catastrophe itself.
My background as an English major really appreciates the structure of this trilogy. I want to write a nerdy college paper :) But I will spare you—mostly. Each motif and mystery in the first book escalates organically. As the world of our protagonists expands—underground, aboveground, and overseas—so does the mystery.
Complex characters, political machinations, class revolution, bureaucratic failure, and secret libraries in a post-Apocalyptic setting—what more could you want from a trilogy?


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