Unexploded Cow

I am always looking for games that have a fairly simple mechanic with a good balance of chaos and strategy, as they are ideal for playing with my in-laws. I want something easy to explain with an edge of silliness.

Unexploded Cow fits the bill nicely. The premise is simple: you have some mad cows you need to get rid of, and France still has unexploded bombs.
The basic gameplay involves purchasing cows or their special effects, and then rolling a die and hoping it's one of your own cows that explodes. (If an opponent's cow explodes, they get the cash.) But some cows can do more than explode. Some can pass the bomb on to a neighboring cow. Some are spies that can be inserted into an opponent's herd. And others are worth negative money, so watch out! (I was playing a 2-player round once, where we kept swapping herds in a giant game of chicken.)

Unexploded Cow is easy to learn, goofy in the right way, and usually takes half an hour. It is a good choice for when you want something social and casual.


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