We're Buying Used Books Again!

Do you have stacks and stacks of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels that you are never going to read again?

Are they first in a series (or at least not the sixth in a series)?

Are they books that you think other people will want to read and you want to spread the joy?

If you answered yes to the above, we might be interested in buying them from you! We will be buying books at $1 in store credit each, and Sarah, Tyler, and John are very happy to look over any bags of books you may want to bring in and potentially give you store credit to buy MORE BOOKS. (And after all, don't we all want to BUY MORE BOOKS?)

Feel free to call the store and make an appointment, or just stop by.

Finally, don't forget to peruse our used book section, now separated out from our new mass markets. You might just find some hidden gems!


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