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Book Review: Laughter at the Academy

Seanan McGuire has long been one of the premier voices in weird fiction, both under her own name and the pseudonym Mira Grant, from hardboiled supernatural detective fiction to young adult novels that answer the question of what happens after children return from their supernatural adventures. Laughter at the Academy is a collection of her short stories published under the McGuire name. The title invokes that old mad scientist cliche, “They laughed at me at the academy, but I’ll show them al...

January 29, 2020

Book Review: The Haunting of Tram Car 015

The Haunting of Tram Car 015, by P. Djèlí Clark, is a wonderful supernatural mystery set in steampunk Cairo. Agent Hamed al-Nasr is called to what he expects to be a routine haunting. Instead, he and his new partner navigate djinn and suffragettes to discover what sort of demon is really behind the mysterious attacks. This is a wonderfully lush world that comes alive even in a novella-length story. Highly recommended....

October 23, 2019

Book Review: This Is How You Lose the Time War

There is a war going on; isn't there always? And all is fair in war. This war takes place throughout all of history, both past and future. There are two factions. To keep it simple, let’s call one faction the Agency and the other the Garden. Each faction has a host of highly trained agents acting to try to make their preferred version of the future come to pass by altering specific points along the time line. Some agents are the best of the best, the James Bonds of their particular trade....

June 26, 2019

Book Review: Rosewater

After an alien presence appears in different parts of the world, it settles in Nigeria, hidden inside a dome. A city—Rosewater—grows up around this dome, creating a mix of the curious, the nefarious, the sick looking to be cured, and the regular people who move somewhere new in hopes of getting ahead. With the alien comes the xenosphere. Certain humans are able to access the xenosphere, which gives them psychic abilities. Kaaro is a finder—the xenosphere enables him to find alm...

March 13, 2019

Book Review: Blood for the Sun

A fantastic first novel by Errick Nunnally, a local author, Blood for the Sun is a horror novel—an urban police procedural/detective story—that asks the very interesting question: What happens when a vampire suffers from an Altzheimer's-like memory disorder? The answer is apparently quite a lot. Taking place in the Boston and Cambridge area with a multiracial cast, this story would make a great TV/Internet mini-series. The book is well written, appropriately paced, and filled with mo...

January 22, 2019

Gift Recommendation: Azul

Azul was the 2018 winner of the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award at the annual Essen Game Conference. Players must buy tiles from the marketplace as they become available and then use them to tile the walls of the palace of the king of Portugal. You are competing with the other players to win the favor of the king (getting the highest score) for your wall. But the other players can sabotage your efforts by buying tiles in a way that forces you to waste some of the tiles you have bought ...

December 19, 2018

Gift Recommendation: The Rib from Which I Remake the World

The Rib from Which I Remake the World is one of the best horror novels I have read in years. Ed Kurtz spins a tale of small-town romance, violence, terror, and race relations with dark supernatural influences exacerbating the already tense social situation in a conservative midwestern town. A hotel detective—a former police officer—must pull together enough of the tattered threads of his life to try to save his town from the forces of evil represented by a carnival barker and a blue ...

December 19, 2018

Meet a GeekFaire Vendor: Crunchy Frog Studio

Valerie is a native and longtime resident of Massachusetts. Most of her work is fantasy or pop-culture based. She spends her time painting, playing D&D, and listening to an unhealthy amount of podcasts.You can find her at the nearest available nerd convention or pillaging the local library. Or working the counter at Pandemonium!

December 15, 2018

Meet a GeekFaire Vendor: Rich Feitelberg

Rich Feitelberg is a poet and novelist, author of the fantasy series, the Aglaril Cycle. Book 6 of the series released earlier this year. He also has several collections of short stories and a poetry collection to his credit.Rich is an avid map collector, and student of popular culture. Growing up on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction, and fairy tales of all kinds, Rich soon began weaving his own tales at a young age. These activities continue to this day, as Rich is working on the ne...

December 15, 2018

Meet a GeekFaire Vendor: Elemental Rings

Zoe has been making chainmaille for 7 years, originally inspired when searching for a Christmas present for a friend. Her most challenging project was a double water dragon bracelet—a weave so difficult, you can't find it on etsy! She enjoys being a maker; working with her hands makes her feel productive.

December 13, 2018

Meet a GeekFaire Vendor: Sunspot Designs

Sunspot Designs has been adorning the creatures of the Night since 1995, with affordable baubles and off-kilter diadems that shine with the mystery of the darkness....

December 12, 2018

The Witch Boy

The Witch Boy is a fantastic gift for any children in your life. With lush art and a timeless story, we follow Aster’s journey as he secretly studies magic. In Aster’s community, spellcasting is for women and shapeshifting is for men. But Aster has no interest in shapeshifting and a knack for witchery. On an afternoon escape from his family to practice spells, he meets Charlie. His new nonmagical friend is supportive of his use of magic and encourages him to learn more. When the boys...

April 26, 2018

The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter

After her mother dies, Mary Jekyll sets off to track down mysterious bank funds and solicit the help of Sherlock Holmes.Little did she know that this money would lead her to an unexpected sister—and a whole new chosen family....

April 12, 2018

Firefly Adventures

I love a good cooperative game, and Firefly Adventures is a good cooperative game. Five crewmembers (new characters will be available in upcoming expansions) run a mission to gain money and intel and still escape within a certain amount of time. There might be a safe to crack, a terminal to hack (hello, Kaylee!), and an abundance of goons to try to wheedle information out of. And oh yeah—certain actions turn a player from casual mode to heroic mode, and once someone is spotted in heroic mo...

April 5, 2018

Barbary Station

Barbary StationR.E. Stearns...

April 1, 2018


How do you write a story about Lois Lane that includes Superman but is not dwarfed by Superman?...

February 1, 2018

Star Wars Rebellion

In general, I don’t play many games that take more than 90 minutes. They may be great games, but they’re not for me. But when a friend invited me to play Star Wars Rebellion, I said sure. I’d heard great things about it, and it’s good for me to play outside of my usual habits. (I’m only thinking of you all…) It was well worth the time. Because there were only two of us, I was so wrapped up in the game that it did not feel that long....

January 11, 2018

Winter of Ice and Iron

I always find it refreshing to come across a fantasy that is not a trilogy. A complete story is told, from beginning to end, in one book.And it's even better if the book is by Rachel Neumeier....

January 4, 2018

Bonus Gift Recommendations

Doug had so many recommendations this year that he's sharing a bonus list!...

December 14, 2017

Gift Recommendation: The Expanse Series

Recommendation: The Expanse Series, by James S.A. CoreyStaffperson: Bitty...

December 14, 2017

Gift Recommendation: 7th Sea

Recommendation: 7th Sea, 2nd EditionStaffperson: Doug...

December 10, 2017

Gift Recommendation: Carry On

Recommendation: Carry On, by Rainbow RowellStaffperson: Emily...

December 10, 2017

Gift Recommendation: Dragonfire

Recommendation: DragonfireStaffperson: Sali...

December 6, 2017

Gift Recommendation: Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Recommendation: Arkham Horror: The Card GameStaffperson: Jamie, Events Manager...

November 30, 2017

Gift Recommendation: The Refrigerator Monologues

Recommendation: The Refrigerator Monologues, by Cat ValenteStaffperson: Sarah, Books Manager...

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