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The Revenant Express: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation ( Newbury & Hobbes #5 )

Mann, George



As the exciting adventures continue in George Mann's steampunk mystery series, Sir Maurice Newbury is in a race against time to fetch a clockwork heart for his trusty assistant Veronica Hobbes, a journey that will take him and Veronica's sister, Amelia, across Europe to St. Petersberg. No sooner do they take off then sinister goings-on start to plague the train, and it is discovered that an old villain, thought dead, is also on board and seeking revenge. Can Newbury and Amelia defeat him and get the clockwork organ back to the Fixer in time to save Veronica? And can they do so without Newbury going so far into the dark side of occult magic that he can never return?

SKU: 9780765334091

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