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You have an agenda. 

Together, you control a powerful organisation; it might be a company, a conspiracy, cult or corporation. You control vast resources over a global powerbase. You employ teams of specialists with very particular skill-sets to protect your secrets. 

Your agenda might be anything, world domination, the defence of the planet, vast wealth or just unlimited rice pudding. 

What you are willing to do to achieve those ends, well, that’s up to you... 

Cabal is a stand alone RPG where the players control a single character together,and set out to advance its goals and power. 

As well as an array of well known artists, it also features the work of: Angus Abranson, Cam Banks, Kristian A Bjørkelo, Stuart Boon, Chad Bowser, Jennifer Brozek, David F Chapman, Walt Ciechanowski, Jason Durall, Lynne Hardy, Chris Hartford, Nimrod Jones, Andi Newton, Darren W Pearce, Nick Robinson, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Ken Spencer, Monica Valentinelli, Luca A. Volpino

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