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Slices (Paperback)

Moore, James A.



From "a considerable storytelling talent" (Library Journal) and "one of the grandmasters of the horror genre" (The Midwest Book Review) comes SLICES.... A man discovers that blood is thicker than water and often stains the soul. A boy's fear of clowns bears deadly fruit when he catches the attention of Rufo the Clown. A defense attorney struggles with a most unusual ability - to see every sin committed by people around him. A man haunted by his deeds during wartime learns a lesson in fear from his grandfather. A vengeful demon seeks to feast on the souls of four high school chums, fifteen years after a fateful night. These nightmares and other slices of horror are included in this first paperback edition of SLICES - available for the first time in nearly ten years. Now with two bonus stories and an introduction by Tony Tremblay (author of The Moore House).

SKU: 9781949140903

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