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The Green Law of Varkith


The Green Law of Varkith is a Chaos World about a great city that stands defined by a single idea: guilds. Varkith is governed by the Green Law, implemented by the Green Lady who tied her life force to the city to save it and restore it to glory after it was ravaged by Heroes. The Green Law states that no one in Varkith can ever be independent; everyone must be part of something greater than themselves. 

In The Green Law of Varkith, Brendan will give you rules and tools for creating your own guild within Varkith’s frightening jungle of organizations. You’ll have to defend your federation from would-be predators and rivals, taking it up the ranks so it can become one of the leading guilds of the entire city. The Green Law of Varkith is all about adventuring in the city to boost your own guild’s standing, while avoiding the hungry and dangerous guilds already populating Varkith, from the Butcher’s Society to the Artist’s Collective to the News Guild. 
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