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Paranoia Implausible Deniability



CONGRATULATIONS, CITIZEN! You have been selected for an EXCITING MISSION. Your assignment is to: [ ] Determine why there`s a microscopic shortfall in food vat yields [ ] Test experimental brain interface technology [ ] Terminate terrorist mutant traitors[ ] Identify and terminate saboteurs in your Troubleshooter team [ ] Determine the precise temperature at which your cranial fluid boils [ ] Have fun. Fun is mandatory. [X] ALL OF THE ABOVE The odds of your survival can be greatly increased by: [ ] Not going on the mission. [ ] Deep-tissue forehead cleansing [ ] Developing the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts [ ] Concealing that you have the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts [ ] Terminating your fellow Troubleshooters before they can terminate you [X] Purchasing this exciting adventure [ ] ALL OF THE ABOVE

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