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Arkham Horror LCG Return of the Night of the Zealot Expansion


Arkham Horror LCG: Return of the Night of the Zealot Expansion
You swore that you would never go back. Yet, like a snake eating its own tail, you were always meant to return to where it all began. In the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set, Night of the Zealot presented your first challenge while introducing you to the investigators, mechanics, and environment of Arkham Horror Files, providing a stable foundation from which you built your investigations into the unknown and the unknowable. Now, you `re invited to return home and begin a new challenge worthy of your expertise in Return to the Night of the Zealot, an expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game that enhances and modifies the Night of the Zealot campaign with 46 new Encounter cards and 20 new Player Cards. Additionally, this expansion includes a premium box and 18 divider cards to hold your entire Night of the Zealot campaign.
SKU: 841333105266 TAGS: LCG, Cooperative

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