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Supervillain This Galaxy is Mine!



Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! is an intense card strategy inspired by all the sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor.

The Superheroes have vanished. Now you and other Villains are struggling for control over the Galaxy. Build secret facilities to gain supreme powers, launch asteroids to bring chaos and destruction to planets of other Villains or use billions of devoted Minions for covert operations!

Each player becomes a Villain and you have to overcome other Villains and conquer the Galaxy! To achieve this, you use two universal card decks: Domination and Minion. Domination cards can be used as an Asteroid and launched at another Villain. Or you may take a Domination card as a Project to build. Minion cards can be used to complete your Projects or discarded to perform special operations. Upon completion, the Project transforms into a Secret Facility and its main ability comes into effect. A Secret Facility earns Domination points and the Villain who has acquired 5 Domination points becomes a Supervillain and wins the game!

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