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Arkham Horror LCG The Pallid Mask



From the streets of Paris to the city`s subterranean catacombs, your pursuit of the truth behind The King in Yellow leads you farther and farther from Arkham`s familiar landmarks. But the streets, the language, and the eerie, dark tunnels aren`t the only foreign elements at play. There`s something distinctly otherworldly in the Parisian catacombs... The fourth Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa Cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, players in The Pallid Mask will enter these tunnels in search of a stranger whom you believe must be connected to the events surrounding the performance of The King in Yellow at the Ward Theatre in Arkham. But with each new strange twist and turn, you`ll find yourselves only stepping deeper into mystery. Perhaps you can follow the tunnels all the way to the pulsing heart of the play`s mysteries, but there`s a chance, too, you`ll simply find yourselves lost amid the shifting landscape. Traps, monsters, and branching corridors - what else will you find in the subterranean world of The Pallid Mask?


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