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A Jar of Fingers: The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs Book I

Hernandez, C. L.



Deegie is an independent young witch with a lot going on - maybe too much. She has a funky little shop full of magical items, and a tendency to cast crazy spells whenever the mood strikes her. But when her boyfriend and her traitorous next door neighbor get together, she takes swift revenge and goes off to live in the back of her overcrowded bus, and not for the first time.So when the strange old house on the other side of town goes on sale, she's the first one to snatch it up. Complete with ghosts in the walls, a murderous history, and a basement filled with impossible things, like a jar of human fingers... and its very own demon. Deegie's going to need all her magical skills and inspired spell-casting - and some help from her slightly mad friends - to satisfy the ghosts and send the demon back where it belongs.

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