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Campy Creatures



Players are mad scientists in need of precious Mortals for future experiments. Rather than getting your hands dirty, your army of Campy Creatures awaits to do your bidding. Capture the most valuable Mortals over the course of three nights to win. But be warned - the Mortals won’t go down without a fight.

It’s a ghoulish game of bluffing, deduction, and set collection for 2-5 players. Players begin each round with the same hand of creatures. Their goal is to capture valuable Mortals by outguessing their opponents. Each player has perfect information at the start so knowing what a person might do in a particular situation is key.

Game Contents: 
• Five Creature Decks: 45 Poker-size Cards (9 Creatures each) 
• The Mortal Deck: 30 Poker-size Cards 
• The Clash-O-Meter (The Board) and Chipboard Player Markers 
• Custom "Creeples" Player Meeples 
• The Rules 
• Molded Plastic Insert

SKU: 866708000212 TAG: Dec'17 New Releases

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