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In the near future, talented space corporations and agencies set out to explore, mine, and colonize outer space. Your organisation will compete to design the most efficient and powerful spacecraft, to gather scientific knowledge, construct facilities on distant worlds, and transport colonists to the farthest reaches of our Solar System. Charge up the monster rocket boosters, crew up, and race for space!

Designed by King's Forge designer Nick Sibicky, Farlight is a well-oiled game of blind bidding, tile placement, and light resource management. Each turn players will make bids for spacecraft module designs or missions, and assemble spacecraft designed to complete missions of increasing difficulty.

Game Contents: 
• Game Board 
• Rule Book 
• 20 Dice 
• 23 Mission Cards 
• 55 Spacecraft Modules Mini-Cards 
• 5 Spacecraft Cores Mini-Cards 
• 25 Bidding Tokens 
• 5 Scoring Markers 
• 37 Crew Tokens 
• 37 Science Tokens 
• 7 Industry Awards 
• 1st Player Token

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