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The next great technological revolution is here. Sentient robots for information, transportation, industry, all at our fingertips. Building them is now the easy part. Programming them has proven to be more complicated. A handful of companies have emerged claiming to pull it off, but only one will win out. Your mission is clear: Procure valuable bots and plug them into your network. They’ll have an effect on your systems. Anticipate it correctly, program your bots effectively, and attract the right investors to win and lead the sentient revolution.

In Sentient, players will be tasked with choosing from available robots to program in their factory. Each robot that is added will modify your board and attract the interest of investors for your company. Program your bots efficiently and collect the support of your patrons to build the most formidable operation.

Contents Summary: 
• 60 Cards 
• 20 Dice 
• 16 Agent pawns 
• 20 Assistant pawns/cubes 
• 15 Investor Tokens 
• 9 Player board sections 
• 8 Start player tokens 
• 1 Start player board 
• VP tokens

SKU: 859930005735

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