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Fate Adversary Toolkit



Calling all adversaries! Antagonists. Obstacles. Villains. Impediments. Call them what you will, but a great campaign needs opposition to create stirring conflict. The Fate Adversary Toolkitoffers a variety of ideas, mechanics, and hacks to help you make the most out of every obstacle in your game. Explore what an adversary is in Fate terms, and always remember that everything is a character. Inhabit hostile worlds and situations that work against the players. Face down mooks and big bads built to provide high stakes drama and engage everyone at the table. Learn how to use high quality adversaries to drive your stories to completion.

The Fate Adversary Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement.

This Toolkit includes: 
• A general approach that gives you the tools to create quality adversaries regardless of setting or genre. 
• New categories of adversaries (enemies, obstacles, and constraints), each with their own rules, functions, and samples. 
• Ideas on how to use environments to create conflict and make the most of battlefield zones. 
• A Rogue’s Gallery, full of sample adversaries separated by genre, with ideas on how to use the characters and settings provided to create plot.

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