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Uh-Oh, Monsters Adventures and Creatures for No Thank You, Evil



Storia is a land filled with adventure - and adventures tend to be filled with monsters! Uh-oh, Monsters! gives you three complete adventures for your No Thank You, Evil! game, plus loads of monsters, humans, aliens, robots, and other walking, talking, fighting, biting creatures you’ll encounter in Storia. Learn more about the Monster Museum, discover quirks, and learn how to make your own monsters. Plus you get creature cards to add to the deck from your original No Thank You, Evil! game, and colorful, sturdy creature standups to use at your game table.

This boxed expansion requires the No Thank You, Evil! game to play.

• Contains Lairs and Scares: three brand-new adventures for No Thank You, Evil!, all with fun monster themes. 
• Plus Claws and Paws: a creature book chock-full of monsters for your own adventures. Along with creature cards and standups to use at your table. 
• Have you seen the reviews and buzz for No Thank You, Evil!? It’s the hottest brand for gamers with families. 

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