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Ultimate Guard Boulder 80-Count Deck Box – Ruby



Handy and solid deck case with soft-touch surface and super-easy opening. Holds up to 80 double-sleeved cards. Modularly designed to fit perfectly in Flip'n'Tray™ and Arkhive™ cases.

• Holds up to 80 double-sleeved cards or 100+ single-sleeved cards 
• Modularly designed to fit perfectly Flip'n'Tray™ and Arkhive™ cases
• Cover has same size and shape as bottom section and can be used as a second card holder 
• Both parts are ideally fitted to be used as deck trays for the Arkhive™ and the respective Flip'n'Tray™ 
• Symmetrical structure, providing both secure closure and easy opening 
• Durable, solid material with soft touch finishing 
• Dimensions: approx. 98 x 75 x 59 mm

SKU: 4056133006088

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