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Cooper, Brenda



Two sisters, Matty and Elena Bela, who live in the megacity of Seacouver, are orphaned when they are teenagers. Elena goes to work on one of the re-wilding crews, restoring lands once managed by humans but now being returned to more wild places. Matty stays in Seacouver where her every need is provided for—but somehow that is not enough.

After a few years have passed, she decides to find her sister, but the outside world is not what she expects—it is rougher, and the bots dedicated to restoring the wilderness seem to have a more sinister purpose. As Matty struggles to find her sister and evade the bots, she uncovers a group of people with an agenda that may endanger Seacouver.

Matty must find her sister—and they must learn to trust each other—in order to discover the truth hidden behind the surface, and to save Seacouver.

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