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Kaiser's Gate Field Manual Mounts



In war there are many secrets, and in Field Manual: Mounts for Kaiser’s Gate the secret of mounted cavalry is revealed.  This book, written by Bill Ogden, introduces you to the various cavalries being used during World War I. From the Pegasus mounts of Greece to Russia's magical huts, you will find it all. The book includes more than just information on mounts, this Field Manual builds upon some of the items alluded to in the original Kaiser's Gate.

Just some of the topics waiting to be discovered include:

* Background on the war's origins in Serbia
* The effects of the war in Greece
* Introduction of new Savage Worlds characters
* New magic rituals to add to your game
* New magical equipment
* A selection of new creature

All of this and more awaits your discovery.
SKU: 9780972141956

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