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Achtung Cthulhu Shadows Of Atlantis



"Memories of a Past Better Left Forgotten."

Discover the secret history of the earliest days of the war: a tale of murder, greed, and deceit, where forbidden knowledge is more highly prized than a man’s life (or his sanity); the quest for an ancient artefact of immense power; the race against the occult forces of the German High Command and even against time itself....

Shadows of Atlantis, the first major campaign for the Secret War includes: A multi part adventure campaign that takes your investigators to the four corners of the earth and beyond, The forgotten story of one of the world’s most fascinating lost ancient civilizations: Atlantis, Four different teams of pregenerated characters, allowing you to experience the action from a different viewpoint in each theatre and New hideous creatures, terrifying threats, and unwholesome knowledge. 

SKU: 9781910132142

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