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Jerusalem Fire

Meluch, Rebecca



A classic standalone space opera—back in print after thirty years!

“Alihahd”; the name meant simply “He left.” No one, not even his most trusted crewmen, knew what his real name was. He had foiled the evil Na’id Empire countless times, striking blow after unexpected blow for freedom throughout the galaxy, always vanishing into hyper-space moments before the Na’ids could lay their hands on him. But now Alihahd knew that his luck had run out. An entire Na’id squadron was closing in on his single, defenseless ship. The rebel cause was doomed.

Yet Alihahd could never have foreseen that the real battle was not over but just beginning—a battle to be fought not in the depths of space but in a world out of time, with a race which even the combined might of the Na’id Empire was unable to stop…

SKU: 9780756412203

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