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Once Broken Faith; An October Daye Novel

McGuire, Seanan



The newest fantasy adventure in the New York Times bestselling Toby Daye novels.

The cure for elf-shot has been discovered. The sleepers of Faerie can finally be awoken…if the Kings and Queens of Faerie will approve it. With vast changes on the horizon, High King Aethlin Sollys of the Westlands has called a grand convocation where the monarchs of his demesne will discuss the cure. Naturally, Toby has been ordered to attend. And naturally, once she shows up, people start dying—beginning with King Anthony Robinson of Angels, the Kingdom to the South, and a known political dissenter.

To secure both her own future and the distribution of the elf-shot cure, Toby must solve the murder, clear her own name, and figure out who would use a convocation of royals for their own ends..

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