Pandemonium is building a wheelchair lift!

The store will be putting in a wheelchair lift to allow wheelchair access to our lower level. This lift, by Massachusetts law, can only be used by people seated in a wheelchair. Check back here for progress!

It is estimated to be completed by early Summer, 2018. Since all construction will be occurring in the morning/early afternoon, our store will be open normal hours throughout the construction. No events will be affected, except we'll be losing space for about 1–2 tables downstairs until construction concludes. We'll try to put up pics here to document the construction.

We'll call these the "Before" shots

The wheelchair lift (it really needs a good name) will be going in next to the upstairs side fire exit, which is directly above the downstairs fire exit.  

First Mess!

On March 20, 2018, all the contractors got together to get an overall idea of the scope of this project. They needed to jab a hole in the ceiling of the downstairs to measure stuff.


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