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Six Wakes

June 29, 2017
I first heard of Mur Lafferty when the Shambling Guide to New York was released a few years back, and I passed on reading it. I was burned out on the zombie thing and did not need a New York guidebook in my lifeā€”or so I thought. Then she appeared as one of the authors of ...
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Come to Dust

June 22, 2017
A horror novel with a somewhat atypical zombie trope that works beautifully because of the juxtaposition of a strong, loving, and very real-feeling blended family...
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Savage Worlds: Rifts

March 30, 2017
The people at Pinnacle Games have done a masterful job in reinterpreting the classic Rifts setting into the Savage Worlds rules system. It is more balanced and more nuanced than the original classic Rifts from the 1990s, yet keeps the same iconic feel. If you like the cla...
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Horror on The Orient Express

September 7, 2016
The all new 7th edition expanded, revised awesomeness that is Horror on The Orient Express is highly recommended by me. I have been plowing through the adventure box of massive size and I am loving it. The content is great, the packaging is good, the quality is excellent and...
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